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Creating vacation memories is our business


Our guests are really our extended family…even though we may only see them once a year,
they are part of what makes the Lake Paradox Club such a special place. Some of our guests
have provided thoughts and photos about their time with us…we invite you to do the same.
-Kelley and Jess

Mirror Cove and Lake Paradox Club is,
quite simply, my happy place.

I have been coming to Paradox Lake, to Mirror Cove, for 30 years… since I was a kid. No matter what has
happened that year - good or bad - coming to this house is my favorite part of every year. It feels like the
lake has been waiting for me, unchanging, and the house has opened up its arms to

welcome me home again.
I walk onto the big screened-in porch, look at the shimmering lake, and immediately feel lighter, calmer,
stiller, and at peace.
I wake up in my cozy attic room and throw open the window above my bed and greet the morning haze
floating off the lake, and say good night to a sky bejeweled with stars.
The walls of Mirror Cove reverberate with memories of having sleepovers here with my friends who
came to visit, of playing dice with Helen and my parents, and now with the laughter of my own son
playing with Kelly’s kids trying not to get scratched by our cat.
I love trekking home after a long day at the beach, sipping a margarita on our dock and watching the
sunset; but I also love Mirror Cove on the wet weather days, with the rain pattering the tin roofs
creating a soundtrack for the perfect afternoon cozy in a rocking chair with a book.
Mirror Cove and Lake Paradox Club is, quite simply, my happy place.

– Melissa Turroff

I grew up spending my summers on Paradox Lake

I grew up spending my summers on Paradox Lake enjoying the clear crystal water. I can thank my
parents and grandparents for bringing our family here. That tradition continued on with my children
making it 4 generations. The summer of 2023 added a 5th generation with young Charlotte. It wouldn’t
be summer without spending some relaxing and peaceful time at the “lake”. I remember walking up to
the big White House to see Mr. Dobbs and taking the test for my boating license in the 1960’s. Learning
about water and boating safety was and is important when you spent time on Paradox. Each summer
when you enter the cottage door the memories come flooding back and you start to make new ones as
each time is different. It’s always fun visiting with the others and catching up on the past year.

– Janet Diamond

We will see you in September!

It was the fall of 1991.  The USSR was collapsing, Anthony Hopkins was trolling movie
theaters in The Silence of the Lambs, and someone thought that something called the
World Wide Web was a good idea.  In Buffalo, New York, four bankers were looking for
a venue for a long fishing weekend.  They desired rustic mountain surroundings,
comfortable accommodations and, of course, a pristine fishing environment.
Upon a friend’s recommendation, the group settled on cottage called “Eastward” at the
Lake Paradox Club, rented by Helen Wildman. The trip was an unqualified success. The
group expanded and took on the moniker of the National Fishing Guys Association.

Despite the rather lengthy drive from Buffalo, the trip to Paradox Lake has become an
annual event for 32 years (missing 1 year for the pandemic).
Beyond the excellent fishing, we have engaged in activities such as horseshoes, bocce,
bean-bag, and relaxing on the beach. Clear nights allow for excellent stargazing
including a visible Milky Way. The Paradox Lake Club location has allowed for day trips
to places such as Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain.
While we mourn the passing of Helen, the Paradox Lake Club continues to be a high-
quality destination under Kelley, Jess, and their team. We will see you in September!

– Bill Mabee of the NFGA

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