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The business was started by my paternal grandmother and grandfather in about 1900 when they built Minglewood for their personal summer home and offered my grandmother's uncle's hunting lodge for rent.  Over time, they built other houses in the field along the lake and my grandfather planted white pines between each of the houses.  Cherrybank, Minglewood, Tuckaway (which eventually became their home and office) Ripple Bay, Mirror Cove, Fernwood and Pinebrook ... I remember there was a sign on the corner of River Road (a dirt road) and Route 73 in Severance which read "Dobbs Cottages."  -Helen Wildman


Kelley Waleski and her husband Jess oversee the current management of Lake Paradox Club, with the help of their children, Gwen and Max.  They reside in the house named "Back Beyond" at 79 River Road. Kelley, along with her husband and children represent the 5th and 6th generations of family members involved with running The Lake Paradox Club. They have a great respect for the family traditions and memories that are part of the experience of staying here and truly enjoy the folks who come back year after year.

“Nothing beats sitting on the porch in Cherrybank!  Our dad loved watching the lights of the cars reflecting off the lake each evening.   My mom simply loved the beauty of it all!  They are no longer with us, but when we return each year, we all feel their presence.”


This map shows Lake Paradox Club, The Redhouse B&B,  the cabins and facilities.

Many thanks to Joe Giampino and Dimitri Tomov of JEN Land Design, Inc.

for their hard work and talent in creating this map.

We are really easy to reach. Located 90 miles north of Albany, NY, we are just a mile off Exit 28 of the Adirondack Northway (I-87). At the exit, you take NY State Route 74 East for exactly one mile to River Road.

Turn left onto River Road, and the houses will be located on both sides of the road starting opposite the loon logo at the entrance to our beach. The Red House, where we used to operate a B&B, is on the corner of Route 74 and Sawmill Road, just opposite where you turn onto River Road. If you need help during your stay, call Jess (maintainence/boat rental) at (518) 578-2614 or Kelley (Bills/boat Rental) at (518) 578-8280. WIFI is available at the Redhouse on Sawmill Rd.  

Many thanks to Joe Giampino and Dimitri Tomov of JEN Land Design, Inc.

for their hard work and talent in creating this map.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Area Map with smaller print. 
This map also includes contact information and directions.
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